Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweet Shadowy Dreams

Bartek Kielban sent me a picture of his bedroom. He writes: "After being inspired by your work we want to send you a photos of my room painted similar to your arts from Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet."

Nicely done!


Jethro Larson said...

Good for guestroom.

George said...

The colors are bleak, so the whole idea gets lost.

But on the other hand, the shapes and color pattern of ITSP looks like it came from humans' deepest nightmare, so probably to make in your bedroom the full replica of ITSP atmosphere is not the best idea.
Could be good for some nightclub though.

Bartosz said...

Actually I wouldnt make it without the help of my friend, Magda Jasicka.
<3 TY :)