Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PAX East Gameplay Footage

We'll have more on our visit to PAX East in the coming days! Thanks to everyone who stopped by!


Alex said...

That looks Awesome,

There's a Woorld of goo + pixel junk shooter feel to it, but with a unique style

Can't wait to play that (the constant background sound may become a little annoying though :) )

Clarence Dass said...

The style and game-play looks so mad... I love it. Can't wait to play it.

Leo F. said...

Just wanted to say that I was there and I loved every minute of this game. It was one of my most anticipated games at PAX and it didn't disappoint, and I played it three times (although one time it froze on me).

What I'm pissed about is that I wanted to buy a shirt, dammit!

You guys are great, thanks for bringing this along. This and Battle Block Theater really made my weekend.

Pernell said...

I just hope that you're aware that I've been waiting for this game since I first got a glimpse of it. I'm glad to know it will be arriving in the summer.

Please-o-please include some unlockable animationed shorts (eg. The other kind).

Pernell said...

Oh and please o please make a WP7 version!!!

.... but make it free for those that purchase the XBLA title :)