Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Trailer

A big thank you to the folks at GameTrailers.com who kindly offered to host a good quality version (much better than youtube) of our trailer that we could imbed on our insanelytwisted.com page. This is going to save us a lot of bandwidth.

The response in just the short amount of time since we posted the trailer has been off the chart! Bloggers are spreading the news at an incredibly fast pace. Check out some of these entries: BoltCity, Wired, Flight, Style over Substance, AOL, Looki, Bing Bang Blog, Game Musings, Kotaku, TIGSource, ING, PNG, Shamoozal, Pownce, Newsarama, Clickable Culture, Shmuptacular, Lycos, N4G, Beware The Frog, Dot Matrix with Stereo Sound, Game TV, Abattoir Noises, Gloob, Fat of the Land, Creative Uncut, GameKult, DopeSauce, The2Bears, Gaming Moments, Destructoid, Mmo Hub, MondoPixels, Enblog, Intelligent Artifice, Catsuka, Sexy Videogameland, Universo-Nintendo, Bashers, Gamer, GamePlayer, Nergon, Zunio, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Animwatch. We've already been contacted by several publishers and game companies. There's no doubt that there is some intense interest in this project. This is great to see especially considering that this first trailer is nothing compared to what's coming. My mission is simple: make the most epic side-scroller ever! You ain't seen nothing yet...