Sunday, July 05, 2009

The 8-Bit Legacy

When Joe originally approached me to partner up for a video game venture, my first response was to state my ignorance in the field. I told him that despite having been commissioned by both Disney and Sony to create designs for two video game projects that never saw the light of the day, my knowledge of the field was extremely limited. In fact, beside a short stint playing the original DOOM, my game playing days go back to the 8-bit era for which I have very fond memories.

I suggested to Joe that we could take the stylistic approach of an old-school 8-bit side-scroller, but instead of crude graphics, we could make it look like a feature quality classically animated film. Joe loved the idea and a few days later, we were at work building on the concept.

The two stylized art pieces (Space Invaders and Pacman) posted here are not from our game. They are two ink/pencil drawings I did for an 8-Bit tribute art show that took place in Los Angeles a few years ago. I thought they were relevant to the subject of this post and would be a fun addition to the blog.


solomother said...

I don't play video games. I'd play this one in a heartbeat. Breathtaking graphics and a truly personal little spaceship.

mike svymbersky said...

I found a link to your trailer waiting for me in my inbox this morning.
Everything about shadow planet looks so twisted and awesome! Cant wait to check it out.

WOW GOLD said...

good blog