Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Saga of Rex - The Animated Project

I was a bit hesitant about posting this here, since I'm trying to keep this blog focused on Shadow Planet Productions and its game projects. After discussing the matter with Joe, we decided that it would be okay to share this new project of mine on here. Besides, it might at one point become very relevant to this blog—Joe and I are both interested in eventually bringing Rex to a game platform.

So here's the scoop: For the past 11 days, I've been running a Kickstarter Campaign to finance the first four minutes of my proposed Animated Feature Film, The Saga of Rex. Please have a look at the plan I laid out and the cool rewards available. I'm hoping to make a valuable contribution to the art of Classical Animation. I hope you'll be with me on this journey. Visit my Kickstarter page here.

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Someone has posted this picture in reddit today. Guess who did it remind me of :)

Have a good summer!