Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pre-order ITSP for PC at 25% off on Steam until April 17th

Go check it out!


Anonymous said...

I'm sad. I was considering buying it despite using that shitty service called Games for Windows Live, the game looks superb, I won't deny it... And then I saw the dollar-euro conversion :( 11 dollars are 8-9 euros, and you made the classical 1=1. I guess I'll preorder Legend of Grimrock instead... As I said, I'm sad and disappointed. I'll buy it when it gets a Steam sale, though.

Emol Dandriel said...

I... I can't believe. I was totally going to press Add to Cart, until I saw the horror: Games for Windows LIVE.
I'm collecting my broken heart pieces. Will wait until it's on sale... so bad :(

ZepZep said...

$1 does not equal 1 euro. I'll buy the game when you decided not to discriminate people because they live in Europe.

Anonymous said...

I see that there are other people who don't like GFWL. I was about to buy this too but then I saw that the game uses GFWL.

Anonymous said...

Major disappointment that this uses GFWL. I can't even begin to understand what would make you think that was a smart decision. Tsk tsk, you should know better.

Should've just self-published on Steam and used Steamworks. :/

Anonymous said...

GFWL...So, I won't be able to play it on Linux :(

Anonymous said...

I know you've heard this a lot, but I was right on the fence to buy this, but GFWL pushed it into the 'no thanks' territory. I can't understand why any developer in their right mind would choose GFWL, it has a bad reputation for a reason.

Michel Gagne said...

The GFWL decision is completely out of our hands. I sure hope you guys will give the game a chance anyhow - we worked so hard to make a very beautiful PC game. It breaks my heart to hear all these comments. Microsoft is our publisher and they make the decisions concerning prices, release dates and GFWL.

CameO73 said...

The GFWL doesn't bother me that much, but the dollar = euro conversion crap does.

What's kinda bizarre is that the game is already on Steam, but nowhere to be seen on XBox.com PC Games.

Microsoft Game Studios doesn't seem to like their Marketplace?

Anonymous said...

"- we worked so hard to make a very beautiful PC game"

It is a beautiful game. It's stunning infact. I love the art style, and it's the reason I became interested in your game in the first place.

You'll only hear from the people who feel strongly about GFWL, and since nobody loves it, the comments you'll get will always be biased towards the negative. The people who don't care either way about GFWL (the majority) won't bother to comment at all.

I personally dislike GFWL a great deal, but I'll give your game a go regardless after all. I hope you have success on PC, I own all the platforms, but the PC is where my heart is.

Anonymous said...

GfWL :(, B U T , when choice is: -don't port this on PC
-port is BUT with GfWL (when authors don't have a choice?), so what is the best way for us, pc gamers? Hmm ?
But GfWL mean very much thinks, like game never been with any "bundle" pack, probably can't buy it in other platform then steam (like GMG or something, which sell keys for steam,with own promotions etc., for us - leaving in Easter Europe (Poland,Czech,etc), price in Euro is killing :(, but this is not that discussion ;).
So,i understand authors, and I thank you very much for port this incredible game for PC.I have hope, that sales statistic confirm, publishing PC games is very cost-effective, and maybe next time, we don't must wait so much time, how in this case ;).
Greetings and waiting for next innovative and wonderful projects!

Unknown said...

I already pre-odered it. Seriously GFWL has never given me trouble except with HALO2 Vista on windows 7. I have about 5 other games tho that use GFWL and none of them have given me issue.

Some if not many, people who had issues with GFWL were a resulted from them having left over Hacked GFWL files on their system to bypass the protection on another game. Or had GFWL blocked at firewall level, Or Non Genuine windows with windows updates turned off. When I have personally trouble shooted PC over teamviewer.

Anyways I have been following this game for some time and with the vibe/hint that I may never come out on PC I am glad that I was wrong on that impression.

I'm glad that this game is coming out on PC and excited to get to play on my system.

freibooter said...

I'm no fan of GfWL, nobody is. But it's no dealbreaker for me.
The unfair pricing is, though. It currently sells for ~15 dollars at 25% off. Our discount price is identical to the regular price of the rest of the world. I'll wait for a discount big enough for the price difference to be negligible.
Sorry, I really hate the 1$=1€ conversion rate.
It looks like a cool game, though. Added it to my whishlist, I can wait.

Black_Hand said...

Michel: there is not just one problem with GFWL. any game sold with it essentially bans much of the world from buying it legally. youre losing sales, regardless of piracy. GFWL has also a verified history of corrupting save games. and it also has a poor and extremely annoying gui.

please try to push on microsoft. afterall youre releasing only on steam. using that as an argument should bear some weight, unless youre dealing with some annoying ****head who just wants to kill your game. for at least a year there seems to be a strong intention from MS to kill pc gaming with this awful disservice. please try to talk with them i really want you to have good sales on pc and not end up like bulletstorm for example.

Anonymous said...

As long as there is Steam achievements, ill not mind using this crappy GFWL.

hym said...

Thank you so much for bringing ITSP to PC.

When it was first announced I was saddened to learn about it's exclusive status, almost to the point I bought an Xbox 360 but I ended up hoping this day would come. I was instantly a fan of Michel Gagné's art from the first time that I saw 'Prelude to Eden' so many years ago and greatly enjoyed the illustration books since then but there was always a craving for more.

It's rare that I get to play a game that I'm guaranteed to enjoy, thanks for making that happen.

And for people disappointed in GFWL, it's nobodies service of choice but it did improve since it was introduced, if there is any game worth trying it out for again I would suggest this to be the one.

repsolgamma said...

Trying to order game, but will not give me 25% discount. Can anyone enlighten me on this terrible miscarriage of consumerism being foisted on my pathetic bank account balance? Say I should be able to get discount through April 17th?

Konrad Chmura said...

ITSP is one of the most playable 2D platformers ever! Open and interesting world, very polish and fluid gameplay, nice puzzles and last but not lest beautiful graphics. This is one of the most hatin game here because of GFWL, it's basicly not fair. Give a chance ITSP! I believe you will not be disappointed.

Singleplayer campaign - 100%. Now I need to find someone who like me would like to play coop on PC. My Live name is: Qn90