Saturday, October 17, 2009

My History with Shadow Puppets Part 5

In 1993, when I did effects animation on Demolition Man (Check this clip to see some of the animation I did with John Van Vliet and James Mansfield), I had to ink all my drawings with black pens so that high contrast elements for the optical printer could be created. I thought the drawings all filled in with black ink looked really cool!

Once in a while, I return to that technique, and start filling in my effects concepts with black ink so I can get a stark silhouette of the design. Here are samples from The Iron Giant and Osmosis Jones which I did while I was the leading FX designer at Warner Brothers Feature Animation.


John Burnett said...

Thanks for the blog! It's great to follow your work. As a sidenote, you can deep link into youtube videos. i.e.

Michel Gagne said...

Thanks John for the tip. That's a really nice feature I wasn't aware of.

John Burnett said...

Consider it a small "thank you" for the inspiration of watching "Prelude to Eden" when I was taking Michael Nguyen's class at CalArts 11 years ago ;). Cheers!